Bouquet inspiration for your Florida beach wedding

Bouquets are so varied and unique, it’s fair to say they all look great as the bride walks down the aisle. Seeing so many Florida beach weddings over the years, we want to share some of our all-time favorites – many are inspired by the beach and the ocean. It’s an opportunity to stamp your personality on a key accessory for the day.


Shell bouquets

Whether all shell or with shell accents, these bouquets are sure to be perfect on the seashore

For the bridesmaids, shells can also make a dramatic statement

scallop bouquet



Did you know you can buy starfish in a variety of colors and sizes? Here we also feature crystal starfish pins adorning beautiful bouquets



A great theme for a beach wedding, pearls are a traditional element woven into a modern setting


Exotic flowers

This is an opportunity to wow your family and friends with exotic blooms and amazing bouquets


Brooches and crystals

It’s time to bring the bling! Brooches and crystals pick up the sunlight and shine brightly. The outdoor setting of a beach wedding illuminates the jewels, elevating their shimmer.


It’s always worth looking for seasonal flowers and thinking ahead to the time of year you are planning to say “I Do”. Seasonal flowers are often more affordable and certainly in their prime. Traditional favorites like roses and lilies can be transformed with a few shells or starfish and we hope you’ve found some new ideas here today 🙂


If you’re ready to start planning your own Florida beach wedding or vow renewal, give us a call at Suncoast Weddings, we’re always ready to make the magic happen.


Boutonniere Inspiration for a beach wedding groom

We’re lucky to see many stylish grooms at Suncoast Weddings. Traditional boutonnieres work well at a beach wedding, although sometimes running with the seashore theme can lead to unique and memorable details. With so much planning and so many details coming together for the big day, here is a dash of inspiration for the groom-to-be.

Seashells on the sea shore

Delicate and so varied, choose from bold to subtle, and scalloped to spiral. Seashells are reasonably priced and naturally enchanting.


With varying colors and textures, starfish blend in or stand out, versatile additions to a stylish boutonniere


Another seashore reference and a traditional theme for a wedding day

Sand Dollars

The one that didn’t get away

lure buttom hole fish

This lure is a super creative accessory for the groom that loves to fish or perhaps a nod to the fact there will be two less fish in the sea

fish sea

Exotic elements

From orchids to lilies and peacock feathers to succulents, there are so many ways to add color and charisma to your beach wedding day.

If you’re ready to start planning your own Florida beach wedding or vow renewal, give us a call at Suncoast Weddings, we’re always ready to make the magic happen.


10 Ways to bring Bohemian Flair to your Florida Wedding

Boho style has never been more popular and it’s easy to see how a bohemian theme fits well with a wedding ceremony in the great outdoors. For those who love nature and want a free-spirited day, we have some ideas on channeling boho-chic for the modern day bride

Flower Crowns

From intricate to simple, these stylish accessories can transform a wedding day outfit from formal to whimsical and can pair with your color scheme or contrast.


For a bold and colorful look, fresh flowers like roses look romantic and dramatic.

Baby’s Breath Accents

Dreamy and ethereal, baby’s breath (or Gypsophila) brings billowing clouds of tiny blossoms to the aisle or your bouquet.

Dream Catchers

Favors for your guests, table markers, or incorporated into the decor, dream catchers are a symbolic and decorative element on such an important day.


She wore flowers in her hair …

Flowers can be worn as accessories to reinforce the natural beauty of the beach setting. Quirky and individual, it’s a great look to play around with.

A twist on the theme is wearing starfish in your hair, perfect for the beach!

Say Yes to a Boho Dress!

We’ve seen beautiful boho-inspired dresses on our Suncoast Weddings brides! Especially in the summer when the temperatures are soaring, non-traditional wedding gowns look great on the beach and pair well with sandy toes.

Barefoot Sandals and Foot Jewelry

Stylish and fashionable, sandy toes can be dressed to impress! Many of the styles feature pearls which fit in perfectly for a beach bride.

Bridal Headpieces and Headbands

If there is one day in your life to feel like a princess, this is it! Headpieces and headbands glitter and dance in the Florida sun, making great bridal portraits.

A Naked Cake

Simple, elegant, and fuss-free!

Add Asymmetrical Florals to your Arch

Chic styling brings florals, and boho chic styling mixes up the traditional arch styles and throws away the rulebook. Think colorful, think asymmetry, think laid-back, and natural. Cascading vines, draped chiffon, an aisle of lanterns, the only limit is your imagination.

Be unique!

You’ve seen hundreds (or thousands) of Pins on Pinterest, pictures in magazines, albums of friends, they were all great. Now think about what you haven’t seen, but want on your big day. Break the rules, be unique, plan a day that will make you and your guests joyful. When you aren’t afraid to let your personality shine, everyone will have a great time.


If you’re ready to walk down a sandy aisle as a boho bride, we’re here to start planning! Call us at Suncoast Weddings to get started. 727-443-0039

Florida beach weddings in shades of pink

Florida destination wedding packages are available for vow renewals, elopements, and weddings on the west coast of Florida in the Clearwater, St Pete Beach, Treasure Island area. Here, we look at some of our favorite images in shades of pink – from a subtle blush chiffon to hot pink pomanders. We’re ready to start planning if you’re ready to say “I Do”

Weaving florals into your wedding day

Flowers are a classic staple of any wedding day but why stop at the traditional bouquet and boutonniere? Here we look at some creative ways to feature your florals. Fresh flowers are most affordable when they are in season and featuring them more could help lock in a ‘bulk’ deal, however, fresh flowers, especially the exotic blooms, can soon add up. Silk flowers are a good alternative or even a mix. Consider fresh florals for the bouquets and the arch, then silk flowers for the chairs or aisle.

She wore flowers in her hair …

The options here range from subtle to bold. An example of a subtle style would be simple, elegant orchids. These images also show the contrast between a bright color palette and softer tones. The flowers are a great way to extend the color theme of the wedding into your bridal fashion.

For a bolder style, flower crowns give an ethereal, utterly romantic wedding day aura.

pink roses

Decorating the cake

The flowers needn’t be edible, having them purely for decoration before slicing the cake is a great way to get a show-stopper impression. Flowers can also be positioned around the cake as well as on it.

Of course, you can always evoke the romance of flowers with the skill of a great wedding cake designer, who can craft the flowers as part of the design.


A centerpiece with a twist

Flowers are often used as centerpieces, in fact, the bouquet(s) can be ‘recycled’ after the ceremony to do double duty. We like the effect of submerging flowers (real or silk work equally well) as a centerpiece. Teamed with floating candles or alone, the beauty and delicacy of the petals and stem seem to be magnified.

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A backdrop for the rings

A great album shot, use the flowers as a ‘stage’ to showcase your wedding bands.

An accent for the chairs

Flowers can be peek-a-boo style in the sash, or can be attached to chairs as accents. Some couples opt for all chairs, others opt for those only along the aisle.

Aisle markers

The most popular options for aisle markers are conch shells, starfish, and grasses, but flowers can also lead the way towards the arch.


Flower girls

It’s exciting to be a part of a beach wedding – especially such an important role. To make it extra special, let your flower girl sprinkle petals of a different color if you already have a petal-strewn aisle – she can see what a great job she has done!

flower girl3


If you have a unique way you would like to weave flowers into your wedding day, we’ll help may the dream come true. Maybe you ‘make’ your bouquet as you walk along the aisle by gathering a stem from each person in your wedding party, maybe you want a backdrop of suspended flowers behind the arch. When December rolls around, how about mistletoe on the arch to await that first kiss 🙂 If you’re ready to start planning, give us a call at 727-443-0039 or visit us online at



5 Ways to bring Holiday Cheer to your wedding

It’s that time of year and if you’re getting ready to say “I Do” over the Holiday Season, we have some ideas to help incorporate that Holiday magic into your wedding day.

A bold red wedding dress for the bride or the bridesmaids.

There are no rules when it comes to bridal style – whatever makes you feel special is absolutely the right choice. Any time of year, red is a striking and stylish choice, maybe even more so at the Holidays.

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Baubles with your own photos

For the reception or even for around the unity candle ceremony table, buy some of the clear baubles that can be personalized and print off some of your favorite photos, perhaps telling your journey as a couple or even showcasing engagement photos. What a great talking point and unique keepsakes.




With Suncoast Weddings, you choose the soundtrack, so why not lock in ceremony memories with a favorite Holiday song. Every year around your anniversary, you’ll hear that song and be transported back to your wedding day.



Color Theme

There are so many color combinations you could choose from to be festive – red and green, gold and red, whatever calls to you. Tailor your colors to the backdrop you want as you say “I Do” to your soulmate.

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Under the mistletoe

What could be more romantic than saying your vows and then kissing under the mistletoe. We can arrange to hang mistletoe on the arch for you so as soon as you’re officially ‘just married’, you can kiss under the mistletoe.



A few other ideas to inspire:

  • Use pine cones as placeholders at your reception
  • Weave holly leaves and berries into your bouquet
  • Instead of blowing bubbles or throwing beach balls, invite guests to ring jingle bells as you walk back down the aisle
  • Use colorful baubles to decorate the arch and fill lanterns to line the aisle – we can handle that part of the inspiration – let us know your color scheme 🙂
  • Make custom photo gift tree ornaments to give out as party favors

With Suncoast Weddings arranging your wedding or vow renewal, you’ll be sure to relax and enjoy every second. Give us a call today to start planning. 727-443-0039


Inspiration for your beach wedding color scheme

We’re lucky enough to see lots of color schemes and to be honest, we’ve never seen one that we didn’t like. That’s because it’s a highly personal choice and the beach is somewhat of a blank canvas (albeit a beautiful one!) for you to make your own for a short time. We do have some ideas to help you decide what will be best for you and we have many galleries on our website to show previous Suncoast Weddings in all their colorful glory.

Sometimes the obvious choice is the best

If you love a particular color, if it fills your wardrobe, is painted on your walls, decorates your plates and makes you feel ‘home’, then as long as your soulmate feels the same way, why not go for it. It could be hot pink or cool blue, pale cream or vibrant orange, if it makes you happy you should incorporate it into your ceremony and then the choice involves whether it becomes the star of the show or an accent.

There are two people saying “I Do”

If you each love a different color we can weave both colors into your day. They don’t have to be paired by artists or on a color wheel, they will work for you because they are significant to you or just because they make you happy. If you want to see the colors together beforehand, come into our office and we’ll show you the ‘look’.

Color families

If you love all shades of purple or blue, we have families of colors which can be alternated or layered. The look is softened slightly when you take dark shades and intermingle them with lighter hues which are similar but distinctly different. This also gives more flexibility with bridesmaids’ dresses and choices for guests to coordinate. Think emerald, sage and apple – purple, lilac and lavender – buttercup, lemon and gold.


Did you know the birthstone for May is the emerald and for July it’s the ruby? Each month has a birthstone and you could feature this in the dĂ©cor as well as a statement piece of jewelry.


When you think of the season you are going to marry, are there particular flowers or seasonal foliage you want to incorporate? If your wedding is more than one year away, be sure to go to a florist around the time you are going to want your flowers to see what inspires you. An added bonus will be that seasonally grown flowers are not only more abundant and easier to supply, they will be priced reasonably. If you let the bouquets and flowers inspire you, we’ve seen pastel trends for the spring and more vibrant colors for the summer. We’ve had a Halloween wedding with carved pumpkins which fitted the fall perfectly.

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Let the setting inspire you. If you chose a beach wedding because you love the muted tones of the sands, maybe burlap is perfect for you. If you fell in love with the azure blue and emerald greens of the ocean, enhance that color scheme to magnify the natural beauty around you.

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Look to magazines and our galleries to look at options and see what appeals. We have theme ideas on our website Here and many other images around the site on the locations pages, packages pages …

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If you’re from Ireland, maybe the Emerald Isle will inspire, maybe lavender colors for the heather from Scotland. If you’re on a destination wedding, you can bring a piece of your heritage to the shore to celebrate.


Imagine afterwards when you are framing your portraits and flipping back through your photo album, what kind of backdrop do you want to see? Something timeless and elegant or fun and edgy? Whatever you choose, we’re here to help you with the planning and if you change your mind as the day approaches, we’ll work with you to tailor the day to fit your vision.  The color scheme can affect the mood of the day and be calming or uplifting. Don’t forget the men – a tie, waistcoat, a colorful boutonniere, the groom can have fun with the colors too.

Let’s get planning!

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