Florida Beach Wedding Grooms

Brides have so many choices when it comes to wedding dresses and the good news for everyone is that when it comes to a beach wedding, really anything goes! It’s up to you and the vision you have for your day. We’re constantly asked what the grooms like to wear…. here’s the Suncoast Weddings Inside Scoop on the fashion and style we see for the leading man on the day.

You can go formal or casual – both look great on the beach. If it is summertime, maybe the heat of the day may influence the choice of fabric.

Formal with a tux



If you are wearing a tie, bow tie or waistcoat, it’s a great way to tie in your colors to the theme of the wedding.




Increasingly, brides are choosing different colors for dresses so that is also a great way to integrate a new color into the groom’s wardrobe.

florida beach wedding day

Most of our grooms opt for shirts without a jacket or waistcoat. A classic look, smart yet comfortable.




pass-a-grille sunset skies

Waistcoats and jackets without a tie are also a popular choice



pass-a-grille sunset magic

When wearing a suit, it’s easier to wear much lighter colors at the beach that at a traditional wedding.

pass-a-grille kisses

pass-a-grille and just married

Or even embrace the ‘aloha’ spirit and go colorful!

sunset kisses

beach kiss

The mini equivalent to the bouquet – the boutonniere worn by the groom is a chance to really show your style and be unique. We love seeing the beach themes brought by our grooms – starfish, shells. There is an opportunity to embrace the setting and keep a momento forever to remind you of this special day.

shells for the groom


Especially with the sunshine on the beach, peacock feathers look particularly striking.

peacock feather buttonhole

Shoes are entirely optional – and you can always wear shoes down the aisle and then go barefoot for the photos if you like. We have a sign which is very popular where guests are invited to be ‘barefoot past this point’ or ‘Shoes here, vows there, love everywhere’. Everyone can kick off their sandals, flip flops or high heels and feel the sand between their toes ..

flip flops


If you are a superhero on a rare day off, we suggest channeling your powers in a subtle way 🙂


Whatever you decide, we know it will be perfect – on the day and in the magical pictures afterwards. When you’re in love and wearing a smile, you can’t go wrong.

Let’s get planning!

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Beach Wedding Ring Bearers

Tradition may hold many rules but when you’re having a beach wedding, there is an opportunity to get creative and make a serious duty into a fun walk down that sandy aisle.

It is certainly true that without exception all of our ring bearers take their duty very seriously. Some have even been known to wear a tux.


Others try to steal the show with big eyes and effortless style


Traditional pillows are also a popular choice (did you know that it is thought the pillows are symbolic of those used in Ancient Egypt to carry precious jewels during wedding ceremonies)


These customized pillows fit into the ceremony theme of turquoise and lime.

turquoise and lime ring pillows

Beach Wedding Ring Bearer Tip (learned after some frantic searches for golden bands in the golden sand) – tie a ribbon to the rings. If nervous hands (especially young, excited hands) slip and the rings fall, they are really (really!) hard to find in the sand. Tie them with a small ribbon and the pressure is off.

There are some beautiful decorative pillows which will remain a keepsake afterwards.

ring bearer with sunflower lapel

You’re at the beach so how about some fun with a beach wedding theme … Seashells (here a scallop shell with added bling and some starfish jewels)…

scallop with rings

seashell and rings

Starfish …

starfish and rings with blue and peach


starfish ring holder

For those with artistic skill and flair, how about something uniquely yours …

with this ring boxhis and hers ring box

Perhaps with the date …

ring box

It’s a great way to let someone special contribute to your day making them feel truly involved. Check out our pinterest boards for more inspiration from Suncoast Weddings. Let’s get planning!


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happily ever after sign



Beach Wedding Trends for 2016

We’re seeing trends for bookings in 2016 and would love to share them with you. Thank you for being our inspiration.


Turquoise is leading the way and was a popular choice in 2015. For 2016 we’re seeing turquoise as a co-star along with other colors. Perfect pairings include

Turquoise and Royal Blue


Turquoise and white

aaa7 - Copy

Turquoise and Fuchsia

turquoise fuschia tiki

Turquoise and tangerine




Classic and popular for very good reason … lace panels are flattering and increasingly popular with our beach brides.


Long Veils

As long as it’s not too windy on the beach, long veils add such flair and make for truly beautiful bridal portraits. We love the romantic look!





Starfish Accessories

From hair accessories to buttonholes to bouquet accents, jeweled and real starfish are catching admiring glances in 2016.


bouquet with starfish

starfish jewelry

starfish accents

Bold bouquets

Unique and breathtaking new designs with colors, textures and accents to take a classic staple to new heights







Pictures in the surf

After the ceremony it’s time to venture into the waves – for those wanting romantic portraits or just super fun, playful photos, this is a trend we are enjoying.






Beach Wedding Chalkboards and Signs

Quirky, rustic additions to any ceremony they also provide great props for photos. Ask us about renting signs or bring your own and we’ll gladly integrate them.




pick a seat chalkboard


The piano Guys are proving popular as we enter the year – especially ‘A Thousand Years’. After the vows, the favorite at the moment is ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams (the chorus).

Old favorites which never go out of fashion include Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole and The Bridal March by Jonathan Cain.


We’re excited for a fantastic 2016 filled with love and laughter. To all of our couples anticipating their big day this year, we’ll see you soon!

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Leap Year Proposals -hello 2016

It’s here – 2016 is a Leap Year and we all know what that means…. girls, it’s your turn to propose!

rings at sunset in Indian Shores

Well, we think any day of the year is a good day to propose to your soulmate but hey, February 29th is a cool date to get engaged anyway and if you know the time is right then why not?

Back in 5th Century Ireland, St. Bridget complained to St. Patrick that women were always waiting far too long for their suitors to propose marriage. St. Patrick then decreed that women could propose on February 29th each Leap Year.The tradition was then taken to Scotland by Irish monks. Back in 1288, the Scots passed a law that allowed women to propose marriage to the man of their dreams in a Leap Year. The law also stated that any man who declined the proposal in a leap year would have to pay a fine. The fine could range from a kiss to payment for a silk dress or a pair of gloves.

At Suncoast weddings we’ve come up with engagement ideas to help you plan the proposal and record it with engagement photos taken by our specialist beach wedding photographers.

From a “Message in a Bottle” proposal with your choice of music to a flyover with a plane trailing your proposal on a banner, we can help you make memories to savor and cherish, captured by our specialist wedding photographers.


You can find more ideas and engagement packages here

Some couples start planning a wedding without really enjoying the engagement but it’s a big deal to say “yes” before the big “I Do” later and years later you’ll still be recounting the details to friends and family. What time it was, where you were, what the answer was (and how quickly it was given) and yes, maybe even it was on February 29th.

However you propose and whoever does the proposing, congratulations on your engagement. At Suncoast Weddings we can plan ceremonies at short notice or months (and sometimes years) in advance – give us a call to start planning and enjoy the anticipation of a magical wedding day.

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Staying Cool in the Florida Sun

The last thing you want to worry about on your big day is the heat. From the bride in a wedding gown to guests from out of town, there are ways to plan ahead and make sure everyone plays it cool, even when the temperature is hot. Here are some ideas for incorporating elements into your day which become part of your theme as well as playing a functional role.

  1. Customized water bottles

Match your theme, add your names and the date and maybe even a picture and set the bottles on ice ready for the ceremony. Your guests will welcome the refreshment and it’s inexpensive yet stylish.



2. Parasols

We love parasols! Not only do they keep you cool, they look fantastic in photographs and can be bought in virtually any color so they really enhance your theme. One way to bring them into the ceremony is to line the aisle and then let your bridal party pick them up as they pass. Ask us for a quote if you want us to make parasols a part of your day.

tangerine parasolssunset beach parasolhappliy ever after lilac

time for fun

3. Fans

Inexpensive and with many designs and colors to choose from, they look great on the chairs before the service and will keep your guests cool throughout. From bright paper fans, to woven fans to your own customized card with a stick attached, they’ll be a welcome addition.



4. Morning weddings

Beat the heat by saying “I Do” in the morning. If you opt for a wedding in the morning, the temperatures will be cooler and you get the rest of the day to celebrate. Morning skies make for great pictures too. Beaches will probably be less busy and availability of locations will be higher. If you’re looking for a reception venue, lunchtime can often be booked easier than evenings.

Pass-a-Grille picture perfect portraits at a 10am weddingaq13aq21


5. A Reception on the shores

There are restrictions for having tents on the beaches and permits may be required. Our “Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses” reception is perfect for groups of 50 or less.On the beach with Suncoast Weddings you can enjoy a beautiful ceremony followed by a shady, beach-side reception. This optional extra gives you time to kick back and relax after the ceremony with family and friends. Keep the drinks on ice and sip in the shade!

More information can be found here

sun and sand receptionsg4

sun and sand reception tent

6. A Shady haven

Some venues are naturally shady. The pavilion on Sunset Beach is a great backdrop on a fantastic beach and you can stay cool with the sandy aisle just a few steps away. The Madeira Beach Recreation center has a sensational walkway surrounded by water but not on the beach. Let us know how you see your day and we’ll help suggest the best location for you.

sunset beach pavilion


madeira rec center9

7. You guessed it … cool down in the sea!

After the ceremony there is a fun way to take either romantic portraits or fun shots – there is no need to ‘trash the dress’, even a paddle in the surf will make magical memories to last a lifetime. Besides, when you’re there and so happy, it’s hard to resist!



pass-a-grille surf


Stay cool … stay chilled … relax, you’re with Suncoast Weddings!







Shoes or Sandy Toes?

This is one of those questions we get asked all the time. Of course, it’s your choice but we can tell you how it has worked out in the past …

If your dress code is casual then sandy toes embrace the beach style. You can even leave your footprints in the sand on the aisle!

one set of footprints

There’s nothing quite like the feel of sandy toes to automatically make you and those around you relaxed and on “island time”.pag lift

You could consider sandals or flip-flops – either to stay on or to kick off before the aisle. No fuss, no discomfort and no twisted ankles!flip flops



Flip-flops can also be hidden under a full length gown so you get the ease of walking on the sand without losing any style points 🙂

You could even customize the flip flops and make them part of your theme

flip flops1

Another option is wearing heels on the boardwalk and then carrying them whilst on the sand ..

on the way to the aisle

The sand can be very difficult to walk in when you’re wearing high heels, but there is also a wide range of beautiful jewelry designed especially for the beach bride and her gals.

jewelry in pearls

starfish jewelry


The choice is yours …. ultimately most of our brides opt for sandy toes and a flashy pair of heels for the reception. Ask us for information on the location you want to select – some arches can be set up near to walkways whereas others will involve a longer ‘sandy aisle’.



There is no right or wrong .. have fun, that’s what it’s all about!

barefoot sign

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Newly Engaged & overwhelmed

It’s that time of year!

According to Wedding Wire, the most popular day of the year to propose is Christmas Day, Christmas Eve comes in 3rd and the Saturday before Christmas is 5th. Throw New Year’s Eve into the mix and you may have been the lucky ones who popped the question or said “yes”.


Now what? Good question! It can seem daunting when you’re ready to start the next chapter but don’t know who to turn to. Welcome to Suncoast Weddings. If you’re looking for a ceremony on the Florida shores with a team of professionals to help you plan the big day and then enjoy every second, you’ve found the right blog.

Whatever your budget, however many people are in your party, we can take your vision and make it happen. Why are we different? Because it’s all about you …. that means we have the experience to showcase the stories from other couples with themes and choices, but you get to tailor the day so it fits you perfectly. If you see exactly what you want, we can recreate it, if you want something totally unique and new, we’ll be delighted to make it happen.

Now is the time to savor your engagement and start thinking about where and when you want to say “I Do”. Will it be just the two of you? Will friends and family share the fun? Whether you live locally or are coming from afar, really the date and time is the best place to start. Are the flights available? Can everyone get time off work? Once you know the answer to that, you can think about securing a time. Consider a budget and then discuss the possibilities with your coordinator. What are your priorities? A reception, extended photography, live music? Some wedding companies charge extra for weekend weddings (not Suncoast Weddings). All the other details can be worked out as time moves on and you see more ideas. Maybe you’ll change your mind as the seasons change. We can accommodate those changes and will work with you every step of the way with a clear proposal. The date and time are secured when you pay your deposit with us.

Maybe you already know exactly what you want, if you’re looking for inspiration we have (literally) hundreds and hundreds of pins on our pinterest board 

Give us a call if you want to start planning. We’re looking forward to working for you to make your day even better than those dreams.





Source for popular proposal date statistics: http://www.weddingwire.com/wedding-ideas/proposal-ideas/most-popular-dates-to-get-engaged