Florida Beach Wedding Grooms

Brides have so many choices when it comes to wedding dresses and the good news for everyone is that when it comes to a beach wedding, really anything goes! It’s up to you and the vision you have for your day. We’re constantly asked what the grooms like to wear…. here’s the Suncoast Weddings Inside Scoop on the fashion and style we see for the leading man on the day.

You can go formal or casual – both look great on the beach. If it is summertime, maybe the heat of the day may influence the choice of fabric.

Formal with a tux



If you are wearing a tie, bow tie or waistcoat, it’s a great way to tie in your colors to the theme of the wedding.




Increasingly, brides are choosing different colors for dresses so that is also a great way to integrate a new color into the groom’s wardrobe.

florida beach wedding day

Most of our grooms opt for shirts without a jacket or waistcoat. A classic look, smart yet comfortable.




pass-a-grille sunset skies

Waistcoats and jackets without a tie are also a popular choice



pass-a-grille sunset magic

When wearing a suit, it’s easier to wear much lighter colors at the beach that at a traditional wedding.

pass-a-grille kisses

pass-a-grille and just married

Or even embrace the ‘aloha’ spirit and go colorful!

sunset kisses

beach kiss

The mini equivalent to the bouquet – the boutonniere worn by the groom is a chance to really show your style and be unique. We love seeing the beach themes brought by our grooms – starfish, shells. There is an opportunity to embrace the setting and keep a momento forever to remind you of this special day.

shells for the groom


Especially with the sunshine on the beach, peacock feathers look particularly striking.

peacock feather buttonhole

Shoes are entirely optional – and you can always wear shoes down the aisle and then go barefoot for the photos if you like. We have a sign which is very popular where guests are invited to be ‘barefoot past this point’ or ‘Shoes here, vows there, love everywhere’. Everyone can kick off their sandals, flip flops or high heels and feel the sand between their toes ..

flip flops


If you are a superhero on a rare day off, we suggest channeling your powers in a subtle way 🙂


Whatever you decide, we know it will be perfect – on the day and in the magical pictures afterwards. When you’re in love and wearing a smile, you can’t go wrong.

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