Beach Wedding Trends for 2022

Suncoast Weddings take a look at what the year has in store for romantic beach weddings and vow renewals on Florida’s west coast

As we approach the end of 2021, we’re sharing some of the recent highlights in our beach wedding ceremonies and we’re pulling together a list that we think will play a prominent role in the next year for beach weddings and vow renewals.

Outdoors is best

Florida beach wedding arches

An alfresco setting, being able to stay socially distanced, and just simply enjoying the Great Outdoors, the beach is a popular setting for weddings and vow renewals, now more than ever. Ceremonies can be planned from out of town easily and the long lead times which are often a headache with traditional weddings are a thing of the past. Instantly familiar and welcoming, the beach is temporarily transformed into a wedding venue, with Suncoast Weddings offering packages like “toes in the sand” for a small and intimate celebration, our Suncoast two-post arch, tropical 4-post arch, dreamy Island Oasis, Ultimate romance, or an a la carte wedding. All weddings and vow renewals with Suncoast Weddings can be tailored – because it’s all about you! 

Vow Renewals with zero stress and lots of fun

vow renewal23

We’re seeing a return to vow renewals celebrating landmark years following a marriage from 15 years (crystal), 25 years (silver), 30 years (pearl), to 40 years (ruby), and beyond, although now we’re also seeing more celebrations of earlier anniversaries – like 5 years (wooden) or 7 years (copper). It was a special occasion for us in November 2021 when Margarita and David chose to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary on the same beach with a similar beach ceremony to their Suncoast Weddings 2016 wedding. Curt was the minister on both occasions, and the wedding decor was expertly handled by Scott and Michelle. 2 picture-perfect ceremonies, 5 years apart.

November 2016 wedding day
November 2021 – 5th year anniversary with the original Suncoast Weddings team of Curt, Scott, and Michelle

Fashion forward

A beach wedding or vow renewal is a special occasion. We have so many stunning couples, it’s hard to select a few to share. Here are some of our recent fashion highlights from the Suncoast Weddings albums. They range from formal to beach casual and the only rule when choosing a dress code is to make sure everyone on the guest list knows it 🙂

Including a reception as part of the package

There are so many choices when it comes to planning a reception, ranging from a small reception with a cake on the beach to a buffet-style dinner in a beach-side pavilion to a more traditional venue with a dance floor and a DJ, to a dinner cruise reception at sunset. Adding the reception onto the wedding package with Suncoast Weddings helps keep all the costs easy to track and allows a single point of contact for the planning, making logistics simpler. Beach wedding and reception packages have become more and more popular during 2021, and we see this as a trend which will continue into 2022, for good reason.

Florida beach weddings and receptions

Florida beach weddings and receptions
Florida beach weddings and receptions
Florida beach weddings and receptions
Florida beach weddings and receptions

Subtle Shades

There is no right or wrong when it comes to colors. At Suncoast Weddings, we are firm believers that no matter what the pundits say, the colors that you choose are the perfect ones for your wedding or vow renewal. Looking at potential trends for 2022, we can see subtle shades accenting predominantly ivory or white arches will be popular. Here are a few of our favorite subtle shades for some inspiration.

Teal and periwinkle
Dusty sage
Turquoise and Teal
Blush and grey

Baby’s Breath – beautiful and affordable

Gypsophila – or Baby’s breath, is romantic and whimsical, and easy to arrange across the wedding decor. It’s an affordable choice and readily available. It can play a supporting role to roses or other flowers, or stand alone as the main floral arrangements.

Florida beach wedding themes

Florida beach wedding themes
Florida beach wedding themes
Florida beach wedding themes

Fun photos to capture the mood of the day

Come with some ideas, or trust your Suncoast Weddings photographer to be creative! Formal photographs have their place and yet we find some of the best “pictures of the day” are the unexpected ones – the candid portraits which catch a hearty laugh instead of a smile, or a tear being shed during the vows.

Whatever vision you have for your dream beach wedding or romantic vow renewal, we can help make it a reality 🙂

If you’re ready to start planning your beach wedding or vow renewal, give us a call to start planning. 727-443-0039 or visit us online at

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