Halloween Florida Beach Weddings

Just said “I do” – why not ‘Time Warp’ back the aisle 🙂
No tricks here, just treats for a magically spooky beach wedding day.

Halloween may feel a long time away in February, but now is the perfect time to start planning! If you want a themed wedding around Halloween, we have ideas to inspire at every step of the way, and the day!. Call us to explore the options on 727-443-0039

Looking for some personalized inspiration for weddings vows? Take your favorite Halloween -inspired song and look to use some of the lyrics, maybe changed just a little so they are still equally recognizable, but perfect for the moment.

The Color Scheme

We have inspiration in black or a mix of orange and black although any color scheme can be integrated into a themed wedding.

Arch Style

A four-post arch is the most dramatic on the beach, with bold colors and perfect for a date around October 31st.

If you want to take the decor to the next level, you could add spiders to the arch as a special Halloween delight!

Alternatively, black panels of fabric conjure a more subtle aesthetic.

The sandy aisle

When it comes to the aisle, what could be better than carved pumpkins with your wedding date featured? Orange and black sash accents on the chairs and tikis look great.

The Bouquet

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The easiest way to get the look is with silk flowers either scattered throughout a traditional bouquet or on their own. Feathers and crystals also add to the drama.

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The dress code

Let everyone on the day contribute in their own way! Great fun, and great photos to follow.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is halloween18.jpg

Reception centerpiece ideas

Time to have fun!

  • witches’ hats with numbers on them
  • black bottles with silk flowers prayed black
  • black bottles with orange silk flowers
  • black linens
  • glasses inverted over silk flowers in orange and black
  • photographs of an engagement shoot with themed props
  • mini pumpkins with table numbers attached
  • floating candles on top of silk flowers in a tall submerged vase
  • Use “canned” cobwebs to create the centerpieces (well away from any candles!)
  • scatter candy corn on the table instead of confetti

Other Reception Ideas

  • The toast to the happy couple could be of blood orange soda and sparkling wine or orange juice and champagne
  • Rename the menu items with quirky titles – Mummy’s Spaghetti, Dracula’s Chicken Delight
  • Make sure the playlist for the dancefloor includes favorites like Monster Mash, Ghostbusters, and Thriller (which would be a great choreographed first dance surprise for family and friends). The Time Warp would get everyone on the dance floor in a second!
  • Tempt guests with a candy station with treats like candy corn and gummy worms
  • Set up a photo booth with lots of fun props for memorable photos and plenty of fun
  • Decorate with colored fabric panels or accent with orange lights
  • Add some themed balloons to the space
  • Mix and match the pictures from the day with a traditional wedding followed by a themed reception

The Cake

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is halloween13.jpg

Another idea would be to have a small top tier to cut and then themed mini portions for everyone else like cupcakes with a cobweb design in the frosting or donuts sprinkled with orange and black sprinkles.


Whatever vision you have for your dream beach wedding or romantic vow renewal, we can help make it a reality 🙂

If you’re ready to start planning your beach wedding or vow renewal, give us a call to start the journey. 727-443-0039 or visit us online at http://www.suncoastweddings.com


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