Florida Beach Weddings and ‘bad’ weather

If there is one worry we hear the most from couples on their countdown to a perfect Florida beach wedding it sounds most like

“But what if it rains?”

We’ve seen enough weddings to know that the day isn’t about how warm it was or how brightly the sun shone. The memories are made when you look into your soulmate’s eyes and say your vows, they are made when you embrace family and friends and when you dance the night away with happiness. The photos taken will catch the joy and the laughter and they aren’t dependent on the weather. Besides, Florida beach weddings are popular precisely because the weather is usually in your favor, only rarely does it misbehave and then hopefully it is short-lived.

In fact, after rain showers you may be lucky enough to get a rainbow to frame your portraits.



We have seen couples literally delight in the rain and their laughter lights up their photographs. If it rains, don’t let it dampen your spirits.


It is no exaggeration to say that portraits under ‘moody skies’ are among our all time favorites. The dramatic backdrop adds such emotion to the scene.



We do have some suggestions though if it looks as though rain may be a factor on your day.

  • Consider a venue with a shelter nearby. There are several options where you could be under cover and still on the beach – like the pavilion on Sunset Beach (which can be booked if you want to reserve the space)


  • Use parasols as umbrellas!


  • Ask for some landscape shots to capture the beauty of the setting



  • Consider a morning wedding

Often in Florida if a shower develops, it is in the afternoon.

trash the veil

  • Think seasonally

Ask us about the monthly trends and chances for showers as some times of the year are more favorable than other.



Generally, light showers are not a problem. If the showers look as though they will end imminently then it may be possible to adjust your ceremony time.


A strong breeze

If it is windy for your beach wedding you’re in for a treat – the surf will look spectacular and the crashing waves add a soundtrack which will be hard to imagine on a calm day. In addition a breeze could blow away ‘bad’ weather in record time.

ice blue bamboo.jpg

If you have long hair, think about an up-do instead and if you are planning to wear a veil, consider weights for the veil so that it is more predicable in a breeze.


Get ready for some awesome shots as your wedding dress billows in the breeze 🙂



We’re lucky to have a great climate most of the time in Florida and inclement weather only affects very few ceremonies, however if a storm is forecast then it may be necessary to make alternate plans for the sake of safety. Nobody should be outside on the beach in a thunderstorm as it is dangerous.

Sometimes we have been able to move weddings indoors and although the overall ‘look’ is not ‘the beach’ we do our best to recreate inside, your color scheme and the ‘look’ of your décor. If the forecast a few days before your ceremony looks troublesome,  don’t  stress as Florida weather can change constantly.  But give us a call and we’ll  discuss possible options.


Life would be boring if it was totally predicable and Florida can look even more picturesque without permanent blue skies.


We had one bride who was stationed on Guantanamo Bay.   No surprise that she was unable to find a wedding dress on Guantanamo so  had to wait til she was able to fly to Florida, just four days before her wedding to start looking for a dress.

The day before her flight back she developed stomach pains and put it down to pre-wedding nerves.  The pains got more intense during the flight and she was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery to have her gall bladder removed.  It poured on her wedding day and with all that had gone before, she could have been very stressed – but it was the opposite.  It’s no exaggeration to say that she is a perfect example of a bride who was not going to let one or two setbacks spoil her day and she smiled throughout.  And guess what?  We were able to find a break in the weather – her  pictures were beautiful and the event was memorable to say the least!

The number one thing to remember is not to sweat the small stuff – a rain shower pales into insignificance next to the journey you are beginning together. Welcome the day with every promise it holds because

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about dancing in the rain!


If you’re excited to start planning, give us a call at Suncoast Weddings – the future looks occasionally cloudy with a chance of extreme happiness! 727-443-0039