We still do …vow renewals

vow renewalWhen your job is planning weddings, it can be hard to think of a more emotional, sentimental, meaningful, ‘won’t forget this in a lifetime’ day – then a vow renewal blows us away. You’ve committed once and because of everything that has happened or despite everything that has happened, it just feels right. It is a celebration with no strings attached, a celebration of a love which has already thrived and survived.

vow renewal3When is the best time? There are no rules, every year or every ten years… it’s totally your commemoration and a chance to dress up (or not), invite family and friends to share (or not) and dance the night away as if it were your first dance. We love vow renewals – they lift spirits and celebrate the partnerships that mean the most.

Reasons to renew your vows (you don’t need a reason but maybe these ring a bell):

  • You did what was expected the first time around and now you can choose for yourself
  • You have family (kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews) who you want to be involved
  • You want a different setting, a different mood to say “I Do” again
  • You want to declare your love … simple as that!
  • You’ve beaten the odds and it’s worth a party
  • Your priorities have changed and you still want to share your life with your soulmate
  • It’s a fantastic and joyful way to unite your family
  • You want to surprise your other half by making the ultimate romantic gesture
  • You want to celebrate this moment in time with a reaffirmation and make memories from now
  • there are just some things that should be said for all to hear – a declaration of love is surely the most endearing of all
  • you want to wear your wedding dress again or have an excuse to buy a new dress to stun in ….
  • you know it will make your other half feel like the center of your universe

vow renewal5

There doesn’t have to be a particular day, it doesn’t have to be your anniversary – switch things up and make it a birthday of your child or the day your team won the championship – you’re making a new day to celebrate (not instead of your anniversary, as well as your anniversary!)


It’s also the perfect time to write your own vows. The nerves are gone, the funny stories abound – embrace them and celebrate your love. If you’re looking for a vow renewal with sand between your toes and a relaxed atmosphere, welcome to Suncoast Weddings, let us make your vow renewal unique and tailored to you two.

vow renewal6

Personalize your day – we love this sign charting Adam & Stef’s journey celebrating their 10th anniversary with a vow renewal …

vow renewal 10

and making the most of the surf!

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Ready to start planning? We are! Let’s celebrate a love that endures with a vow renewal on the Florida shores!

Tel: 727-443-0039

Website: www.suncoastweddings.com

Email: inquiries@suncoastweddings.com

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