Inspiration for your beach wedding color scheme

We’re lucky enough to see lots of color schemes and to be honest, we’ve never seen one that we didn’t like. That’s because it’s a highly personal choice and the beach is somewhat of a blank canvas (albeit a beautiful one!) for you to make your own for a short time. We do have some ideas to help you decide what will be best for you and we have many galleries on our website to show previous Suncoast Weddings in all their colorful glory.

Sometimes the obvious choice is the best

If you love a particular color, if it fills your wardrobe, is painted on your walls, decorates your plates and makes you feel ‘home’, then as long as your soulmate feels the same way, why not go for it. It could be hot pink or cool blue, pale cream or vibrant orange, if it makes you happy you should incorporate it into your ceremony and then the choice involves whether it becomes the star of the show or an accent.

There are two people saying “I Do”

If you each love a different color we can weave both colors into your day. They don’t have to be paired by artists or on a color wheel, they will work for you because they are significant to you or just because they make you happy. If you want to see the colors together beforehand, come into our office and we’ll show you the ‘look’.

Color families

If you love all shades of purple or blue, we have families of colors which can be alternated or layered. The look is softened slightly when you take dark shades and intermingle them with lighter hues which are similar but distinctly different. This also gives more flexibility with bridesmaids’ dresses and choices for guests to coordinate. Think emerald, sage and apple – purple, lilac and lavender – buttercup, lemon and gold.


Did you know the birthstone for May is the emerald and for July it’s the ruby? Each month has a birthstone and you could feature this in the décor as well as a statement piece of jewelry.


When you think of the season you are going to marry, are there particular flowers or seasonal foliage you want to incorporate? If your wedding is more than one year away, be sure to go to a florist around the time you are going to want your flowers to see what inspires you. An added bonus will be that seasonally grown flowers are not only more abundant and easier to supply, they will be priced reasonably. If you let the bouquets and flowers inspire you, we’ve seen pastel trends for the spring and more vibrant colors for the summer. We’ve had a Halloween wedding with carved pumpkins which fitted the fall perfectly.

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Let the setting inspire you. If you chose a beach wedding because you love the muted tones of the sands, maybe burlap is perfect for you. If you fell in love with the azure blue and emerald greens of the ocean, enhance that color scheme to magnify the natural beauty around you.

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Look to magazines and our galleries to look at options and see what appeals. We have theme ideas on our website Here and many other images around the site on the locations pages, packages pages …

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If you’re from Ireland, maybe the Emerald Isle will inspire, maybe lavender colors for the heather from Scotland. If you’re on a destination wedding, you can bring a piece of your heritage to the shore to celebrate.


Imagine afterwards when you are framing your portraits and flipping back through your photo album, what kind of backdrop do you want to see? Something timeless and elegant or fun and edgy? Whatever you choose, we’re here to help you with the planning and if you change your mind as the day approaches, we’ll work with you to tailor the day to fit your vision.  The color scheme can affect the mood of the day and be calming or uplifting. Don’t forget the men – a tie, waistcoat, a colorful boutonniere, the groom can have fun with the colors too.

Let’s get planning!

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