Beach Weddings on a budget

Found your soulmate? Check

Ready to take the plunge? Yep

Ready to plan a day to remember? Absolutely

Unlimited budget? Er … no, nowhere near!

When couples come to us for their wedding or vow renewal we want to make all their dreams come true. Let’s face it, budget is a consideration for everyone and perhaps the biggest budget friendly decision you’ve made is to skip tradition and choose to celebrate your love on the beach. Compared to other venues, you’re already off to a great start. The most lavish and extravagant beach wedding has the potential to be significantly cheaper than the average wedding in the US (depending on the source, an average wedding in the US is running somewhere above the $30,000 plus mark … ouch!)

Don’t panic. In this blog we’ll give you ideas and share our experience in what works and how you can have the day you want without breaking the bank. The key is in being realistic and planning ahead.


Shop the clearance aisle and snip those coupons if you are looking for any kids of DIY element – bouquets, boutonnieres, reception centerpieces. Think ahead and ask friends for their ‘40% off an item’ too. Build your supplies over time at the best price.


There are many kits for building your own ‘Save The Date’ announcements and they needn’t be mailed, social media or email work too … just make it fun!

Instead of wedding gifts, you could ask for financial support with a wedding fund.

Be very clear up front about the parts of the holiday and ceremony you will be paying for, and those your guests will find for themselves.

There may be room rate discounts available for Suncoast Weddings parties – ask us if you are interested.


The Wedding

Beach permits – if you’re worrying about the permit costs, put your mind at ease – they typically run about $25-$30 and will be clearly itemized on your Suncoast Weddings proposal. It varies between locations and we’re happy to advise and help you with them.

Look to see if a package fits your needs – typically these are priced to entice and cost significantly less than the sum of their parts. If a package fits your vision, it will probably be your best option cost wise.

aqua, yellow, white oasis_2

Choose dresses for the bridesmaids that could also be worn to a party. No matter who pays for the dress, it will be an investment for the future.

baby's breath bridesmaids bouquets


The time of the year – ironically winter can be the busiest season in Florida with the ‘snowbirds’ spending the coldest months away from their snowy homes – so although it may be a quieter time for wedding ceremonies, beach homes and booking a restaurant can be more of a challenge. Avoid last minute bookings (and unexpected surprises) by planning ahead and checking seasonal pricing.

A morning wedding can be followed economically by a celebratory brunch and this can be just as much fun but give you more options on a budget. Plus you get the rest of the day to party and those bright blue skies as a backdrop!

blue skies morning wedding

If you have the option of a mid-week wedding this can make a big difference in not only the price of a reception venue, but the chances it will be available. Saturdays are so popular they book up early and venues are able to charge premium prices. Look to mid-week for the best deals.

It’s obvious but needs stating – the number of guests make a massive difference to your costs – not so much at the ceremony as chairs are a low cost overhead per person, but at a catered reception. Read the small print because sometimes you will be charged for a minimum number of people even if you don’t reach that tally. We know the best local options.


Not only may it be possible to buy in bulk if you want a lot of flowers, but choosing flowers that are ‘in season’ will almost always give you the best quality at the best price. Be flexible and see what options there are.  Also consider that silk flowers can be used as part of your decor and/or your bouquet. You can mix and match with silk stargazers on the arch for instance, and fresh stargazers in your bouquet. We have several silk floral arrangements and accents which can bring color and style to your day without breaking the bank.

sunflower style

pink swag (2)

Re-use your ceremony flowers at the reception. Transform them into centerpieces or scatter the petals as tabletop decoration. Don’t take this on as your own task – assign it to someone you trust so you can enjoy every second.

reception shores

Consider lanterns or ‘beach themed’ decor in place of some of the flowers, not only may that be budget friendly, they add a whimsical twist to your day which may fit your theme even better than those expensive blooms.

lanterns and aqua

orange and fuschia with white starfish


Choose to serve a limited bar of one signature cocktail or wine /beer / cocktail. Find out in advance if this fits into your budget.


Serve casual food or ‘heavy appetizers’ instead of a full menu.

Consider our beach reception addition to extend the magic and get those extra candid photos. Fancy a Cake & Bubbly reception? Click Here for details.

cake and bubbly reception

If you haven’t explored options like the Madeira Beach Recreation Center, the dream reception you thought would be outside your budget may still come true. For incredible value for money and to find out more, click here.

madeira rec center9



Why didn’t I think of that?

Make your jewelry on the big day your ‘something borrowed’ – a statement necklace, a bracelet. It will carry more sentiment for you and will mean a lot to the person you borrow it from 🙂

Make the favors for each couple instead of every guest.

plum treats

What if we said you could have an awesome favor for just $1 per couple? You wouldn’t believe us … how about a lottery ticket? You never know when it could be your time to bring some serious good luck to your guests!

We rent signs for your wedding – don’t think you have to buy everything – ask us first and we may have just what you need 🙂

beach wedding sign

If you have your ceremony and reception in the same spot, you don’t have to worry about transportation time and cost – a double win! Click Here for more on The Toasted Monkey.


Know your wiggle room and be flexible. Set realistic limits and stick to them, we’ll help in any way we can and be assured that with Suncoast Weddings, there are no ‘hidden extras’ or surprises – we will send you an itemized proposal with a full breakdown.

Congratulations on your upcoming ceremony, when you’re ready to start planning, we’re here for you!

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