Involving children on the Big Day

If you have children as guests at your Florida beach wedding or vow renewal, there are many ways to integrate them into your celebration, making them feel special and making memories together to last forever in your hearts and your photo albums. Here are some ideas … (we’ve taken inspiration from some of our happy Suncoast Weddings families!)


Getting crafty

Before the day even arrives, get crafty together to make your special bouquets, boutonnieres or favors.

seashell favors

Flower Girl

Obvious … but read on … to make it really special, have petals of one color along the aisle and let the flower girl scatter petals of a different color so she can see just how great a job she did, or if you have several flower girls, give them their own special petals or blooms. Another idea is to have each child present you with a flower at the start of the aisle which you then add into your bouquet. Different colors or flowers will stand out in your bouquet and will make you smile every time you see the photos.

sunflowers aisle

Ring Bearer

Typically a young boy, but not always, this important role can be made less nerve wracking by tying a ribbon around the rings so that if they fall, they’ll be easily found in the sand.

ring bearer with sunflower lapel

Of course, sometimes, carrying the ring bearer is responsibility enough!


Sign Bearer

Very popular at a beach wedding or vow renewal, say it in style with a sign … either bring your own or rent one of ours šŸ™‚

vow renewal5

boys with sign


Include the children as part of your vows to each other.

own vows1

The Unity Sand Ceremony

unity multi

Normally, the sands blended during the ceremony are poured by the couple only. The ceremony represents mixing of grains from each person – symbolic of the two lives being joined together as one. An easy way to include children is to allow them to pour sands into the bottle at the same time. This is even more sentimental when colored sands are used so that you can see who poured which grains. Shells for each person will be set up and we plan in advance if any colored sands are required. A beautiful sentiment central to the ceremony, the children can take center stage and are actively involved. Sample text for a sand ceremony involving children can be found on our website here

green and purple colored sands

A Keepsake

As you exchange rings, present a token to the children at the same time so they also have a keepsakeĀ of the day.

Cool Kids

They could hand out fans or iced water to the other guests

card fan


Have a ‘fun’ element to your service

YoungstersĀ (and those young at heart) will all look forward to celebrating the “I Do’s” with beach balls or a shower of bubbles.

beach balls (2)

chairs bubbles lilac

Formal Portraits

Ask your photographer to include some family portraits as well. Children can get bored easily so gauge when is the best time, before or after the formal photos of just the happy couple. To keep them entertained when they are not in front of the lens, consider presenting them with a disposable camera each so they can be an ‘official photographer’ – they feel special and you get bonus shots from their perspective.


Let them embrace your theme

If you’re wedding is themed, let them contribute and wholeheartedly join in.


Making the dances kid friendly

If you’re having a reception, make sure your playlist has a few favorites for the younger movers and shakers!

bridesmaid dance

Depending on the age and the willingness to participate, there are countless other opportunities for children to read a poem, sing or play an instrument. Let us know your plan and we’ll help coordinate on the day. A beach wedding naturally brings a relaxed atmosphere, and whatever plan you have, if the children get too tired, giddy or overwhelmed then just ‘go with the flow’. It’s fine if the day plays out in a slightly different way.

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