Halloween Florida Beach Weddings

Just said “I do” – why not ‘Time Warp’ back the aisle 🙂
No tricks here, just treats for a magically spooky beach wedding day.

Halloween may feel a long time away in February, but now is the perfect time to start planning! If you want a themed wedding around Halloween, we have ideas to inspire at every step of the way, and the day!. Call us to explore the options on 727-443-0039

Looking for some personalized inspiration for weddings vows? Take your favorite Halloween -inspired song and look to use some of the lyrics, maybe changed just a little so they are still equally recognizable, but perfect for the moment.

The Color Scheme

We have inspiration in black or a mix of orange and black although any color scheme can be integrated into a themed wedding.

Arch Style

A four-post arch is the most dramatic on the beach, with bold colors and perfect for a date around October 31st.

If you want to take the decor to the next level, you could add spiders to the arch as a special Halloween delight!

Alternatively, black panels of fabric conjure a more subtle aesthetic.

The sandy aisle

When it comes to the aisle, what could be better than carved pumpkins with your wedding date featured? Orange and black sash accents on the chairs and tikis look great.

The Bouquet

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The easiest way to get the look is with silk flowers either scattered throughout a traditional bouquet or on their own. Feathers and crystals also add to the drama.

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The dress code

Let everyone on the day contribute in their own way! Great fun, and great photos to follow.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is halloween18.jpg

Reception centerpiece ideas

Time to have fun!

  • witches’ hats with numbers on them
  • black bottles with silk flowers prayed black
  • black bottles with orange silk flowers
  • black linens
  • glasses inverted over silk flowers in orange and black
  • photographs of an engagement shoot with themed props
  • mini pumpkins with table numbers attached
  • floating candles on top of silk flowers in a tall submerged vase
  • Use “canned” cobwebs to create the centerpieces (well away from any candles!)
  • scatter candy corn on the table instead of confetti

Other Reception Ideas

  • The toast to the happy couple could be of blood orange soda and sparkling wine or orange juice and champagne
  • Rename the menu items with quirky titles – Mummy’s Spaghetti, Dracula’s Chicken Delight
  • Make sure the playlist for the dancefloor includes favorites like Monster Mash, Ghostbusters, and Thriller (which would be a great choreographed first dance surprise for family and friends). The Time Warp would get everyone on the dance floor in a second!
  • Tempt guests with a candy station with treats like candy corn and gummy worms
  • Set up a photo booth with lots of fun props for memorable photos and plenty of fun
  • Decorate with colored fabric panels or accent with orange lights
  • Add some themed balloons to the space
  • Mix and match the pictures from the day with a traditional wedding followed by a themed reception

The Cake

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Another idea would be to have a small top tier to cut and then themed mini portions for everyone else like cupcakes with a cobweb design in the frosting or donuts sprinkled with orange and black sprinkles.


Whatever vision you have for your dream beach wedding or romantic vow renewal, we can help make it a reality 🙂

If you’re ready to start planning your beach wedding or vow renewal, give us a call to start the journey. 727-443-0039 or visit us online at http://www.suncoastweddings.com


5 Revisions

Beach Wedding Trends for 2021

Beach Wedding Trends for 2021, Suncoast Weddings take a look at what the year has in store for romantic beach weddings and vow renewals

As we approach the end of 2020, it’s difficult to predict the trends for 2021 although looking through our upcoming ceremonies and the inquiries we are seeing, we have been able to pull together a list that we think will play a prominent role in the next year for beach weddings and vow renewals.

Outdoors is best

An outdoor wedding provides a scenic backdrop

Being encouraged to spend time outdoors has reminded us how much we appreciate the space, the freedom, the relaxed ambiance, and the simple pleasures in life like the sound of waves lapping against the shore and a golden sunset. At the center of a wedding day or vow renewal is love … the formality and tradition that once seemed necessary slips away and we return to the essence of the day. The seashore is a scenic, spacious, and romantic place to gather and say the all-important vows.

Vow Renewals without a landmark year

We Still Do

It’s been a pattern to see vow renewals to celebrate landmark years following a marriage from 15 years (crystal), 25 years (silver), 30 years (pearl), to 40 years (ruby), and beyond. Now, more than ever, we are all recognizing that every year is a celebration, and why not celebrate 7 years (wool), 8 years (bronze), or 12 years (silk) – and to be even more spontaneous, why not set a new anniversary date and make a new tradition on a date which does not match the original wedding day. That may be a good solution when planning a specific destination vow renewal with select family and friends.

Flowers in her hair

From subtle to a statement, wearing flowers is both whimsical and romantic, a departure from every day that reinforces just how special this day is. They can blend into a theme or stand-alone, either way, they are sure to add a touch of joy to the day.

Florida beach vow renewals

The flowers can then be pressed and saved, maybe even added into a photo album of the magical day.

Blush Accents

Florida beach wedding arches

There is no right or wrong when it comes to colors. At Suncoast Weddings we are firm believers that no matter what the pundits say, the colors that you choose are the perfect ones for your wedding or vow renewal. Looking at potential trends for 2021, we can see blush being a popular choice in the planning of ceremonies so it seems that is going to be evident in the 2021 albums. From blush-colored roses on the arch to blush chiffon drapes, there are so many ways to incorporate this shade of pink that it is truly versatile.

Fun photos to capture the mood of the day

It used to be that when you scanned through a wedding photo album, you could almost predict every pose, every grouping, and every expression – that needn’t be the case. Having some fun with the photos not only adds an element of excitement to the day, but you are also left with candid memories capturing a special moment in time.

The photos can also include members of the wedding party so everyone gets in on the fun.

One of the reasons to celebrate your love on the beach is to throw the rulebook away so embrace the setting, embrace the experience, and enjoy every second!

Beach wedding trends 2021

Come with some ideas, or trust your Suncoast Weddings photographer to be creative!

Whatever vision you have for your dream beach wedding or romantic vow renewal, we can help make it a reality 🙂

If you’re ready to start planning your beach wedding or vow renewal, give us a call to start planning. 727-443-0039 or visit us online at http://www.suncoastweddings.com

5 ways to customize your beach wedding arch

Whether you opt for a two-post arch or a four-post arch, there are many ways to customize the look, tailoring it for your special wedding day or vow renewal.

Statement florals

Fresh flowers (or silk flowers) accent the arch perfectly. They can be subtle and delicate or bold, vibrant, and richly scented. Silk flowers are the most affordable option. Perhaps the most popular customization we see is the addition of a central swag across the top of the arch.

Florida beach wedding arches
A central swag of silk flowers adds color and texture

Florida beach wedding arches
Bold sprays of fresh flowers transform this arch

Florida beach wedding arches
Subtle floral accents add sophisticated flair

A crystal drape

The Florida sunshine and later the Florida golden sunsets pick up the crystals so the backdrop ‘shimmers’. This elegant add-on delivers a high-impact wow factor.

Florida beach wedding arches
This arch has extra crystal charm with a dramatic chandelier

Florida beach wedding arches
The golden sunset shimmers on the crystal drape


At Suncoast Weddings, we have a variety of colors to choose from. From subtle sash accents against an arch in ivory and white to bold colors and even textured chiffon, the looks which can be created allow you to let your personality and mood for the day shine through.

Florida beach wedding arches
Subtle shades of purple and lavender

Florida beach wedding arches
Bold orange and fuchsia chiffon

Florida beach wedding arches
Pretty in pink

Florida beach wedding arches
Royal blue and turquoise

Florida beach wedding arches
Classic and subtle ivory

Themed weddings

From ‘the little mermaid’ to a fancy dress Halloween wedding, fun in the sun at a beach wedding offers the chance to embrace a theme and make unique memories.

Florida beach wedding arches
This arch was themed for a Halloween wedding

Florida beach wedding arches
This patriotic color scheme featured red, white, and blue. A flag can also be placed next to the arch

Boho asymmetrical charm

Embrace the unexpected and bohemian element of asymmetrical draping and placement of flowers. Experiment with colors and seasonal blooms to catch the essence of the natural setting and soft breeze.

Florida beach wedding arches
Tropical flowers and a soft blush chiffon on our Suncoast arch

Florida beach wedding arches
Dusky pink on our four-post bamboo arch

Florida beach wedding arches
Statement flowers and subtle shades

Whatever vision you have for your dream beach wedding or romantic vow renewal, we can help make it a reality 🙂

If you’re ready to start planning your beach wedding or vow renewal, give us a call to start planning. 727-443-0039 or visit us online at http://www.suncoastweddings.com

Florida Beach Weddings – 6 ways to beat the summer heat

Florida is called the sunshine state for a reason – when you’re planning ahead for your beach wedding there are ways to make sure you beat the summer heat – your guests will appreciate the attention to detail and the photos will be filled with smiles no matter how hot the beach is 🙂


Instant shade and instant style. These look great in the wedding portraits, too!

Florida beach weddings by Suncoast Weddings


Make sure there are water bottles on hand for yourselves and your guests. Although you may not be out on the beach for very long, if someone wants a chilled drink, it’s easy to have a cooler or water station nearby.

Florida beach weddings by Suncoast Weddings

Dress Code

Although some weddings are formal attire, most of our happy couples and their guests opt for lighter fabrics and a semi-formal or tropical dress code. This translates into summer dresses, shorts, sandals, flip flops, or sandy toes 🙂

Florida beach weddings by Suncoast Weddings

A morning ceremony

Temperatures tend to be cooler in the morning hours and the skies are often the brightest blue. A morning ceremony can be followed by a celebration brunch and there is the rest of the day to celebrate!

Florida beach weddings by Suncoast Weddings


Providing a fan on each chair will help with the heat – they can be found in a number of styles and shades – also a great prop for the photos. A popular twist on the ‘fan’ theme is to print a card program and attach it to a holder so it doubles as a memento.

Florida beach weddings by Suncoast Weddings

Florida beach weddings by Suncoast Weddings

The waves

When you’re steps from the shoreline, it’s hard to resist! Make time for some cooling fun in the sun with a dip in the Gulf of Mexico

Florida beach weddings by Suncoast Weddings

If you’re ready to start planning your beach wedding or vow renewal, give us a call to start planning. 727-443-0039 or visit us online at http://www.suncoastweddings.com

Erick and Erica’s Beach House Wedding

Amidst a confusing and unprecedented time for the US and the entire world, weddings, travel, and the very way we all interact has been altered more than we could have imagined. As the coronavirus swept around the world, plans inevitably changed and shifted as families quarantined and everyone had to seek a new way of navigating these difficult and often traumatic times. At Suncoast Weddings we see it as our role to support our couples as we focus on wedding planning. We would like to share a story of love which saw Erick and Erica say “I Do” at the Sunset Beach House last week. All of the social distancing rules were followed and the wedding was a smaller, more intimate ceremony than had been planned.

Erick and Erica

It was three and a half years ago that Erick and Erica fell in love. This is their story.

If ever there was a poster child for a positive that could come from the effects that COVID 19 has had on the wedding plans of thousands of couples, then Erica would be it.

Like many couples, Erica and her fiancée  Erick were devasted when the realization dawned that the big, beautiful beach-front wedding and reception they had planned was in jeopardy as the whole country began to lock-down.  

But one thing they were 100% certain of was that their wedding was going to happen on the day they had planned.

“It didn’t enter our heads to cancel the wedding, not at all.  I am a firm believer that tomorrow isn’t promised so no matter what happened, even if it was just the two of us he wanted that day and I wanted that day.

“True, we had to make a lot of changes and as time went on there was the gradual acceptance that our wedding day was not at all going to be as planned.  But we wouldn’t let it get us down.  After all, weddings should be a positive – Erick and I were not going to let it turn into a negative because of what was going on.

“The  last few weeks would normally be that perfect time to enjoy all the last minute planning and  all the fun stuff that you usually do just before a wedding.  But we had to cope with a lot, including people we knew who passed away.  It was a prayerful time.

“When the day came, it was to us both,  the true meaning of what marrying the love of your life is all about and just what really is important on your wedding day.

“Because our ceremony had become so small we were able to really involve our kids in the day, we had so much more time for them on the day too – it was the true meaning of family.  

“Our vows to each other were very deep and so emotional and intimate, a true exchange of love and I think all the more so because of what we’d been through to make the wedding happen.

“I’m not an overly religious person, but I believe that not only did God bring Erick and I together,  I truly believe that He was present on the day.  It was just all so very special. 

“So yes, our wedding day was entirely different from what we had planned, but I wouldn’t go back and change a thing.  There’s a reason why things happen in your life”

Photo credits: GMP Photography (thank you for allowing us to share them, Erica)

If you have a story that we could share with our Suncoast Weddings family, drop us an email to sue@suncoastweddings.com


Bouquet inspiration for your Florida beach wedding

Bouquets are so varied and unique, it’s fair to say they all look great as the bride walks down the aisle. Seeing so many Florida beach weddings over the years, we want to share some of our all-time favorites – many are inspired by the beach and the ocean. It’s an opportunity to stamp your personality on a key accessory for the day.


Shell bouquets

Whether all shell or with shell accents, these bouquets are sure to be perfect on the seashore

For the bridesmaids, shells can also make a dramatic statement

scallop bouquet



Did you know you can buy starfish in a variety of colors and sizes? Here we also feature crystal starfish pins adorning beautiful bouquets



A great theme for a beach wedding, pearls are a traditional element woven into a modern setting


Exotic flowers

This is an opportunity to wow your family and friends with exotic blooms and amazing bouquets


Brooches and crystals

It’s time to bring the bling! Brooches and crystals pick up the sunlight and shine brightly. The outdoor setting of a beach wedding illuminates the jewels, elevating their shimmer.


It’s always worth looking for seasonal flowers and thinking ahead to the time of year you are planning to say “I Do”. Seasonal flowers are often more affordable and certainly in their prime. Traditional favorites like roses and lilies can be transformed with a few shells or starfish and we hope you’ve found some new ideas here today 🙂


If you’re ready to start planning your own Florida beach wedding or vow renewal, give us a call at Suncoast Weddings, we’re always ready to make the magic happen.


Boutonniere Inspiration for a beach wedding groom

We’re lucky to see many stylish grooms at Suncoast Weddings. Traditional boutonnieres work well at a beach wedding, although sometimes running with the seashore theme can lead to unique and memorable details. With so much planning and so many details coming together for the big day, here is a dash of inspiration for the groom-to-be.

Seashells on the sea shore

Delicate and so varied, choose from bold to subtle, and scalloped to spiral. Seashells are reasonably priced and naturally enchanting.


With varying colors and textures, starfish blend in or stand out, versatile additions to a stylish boutonniere


Another seashore reference and a traditional theme for a wedding day

Sand Dollars

The one that didn’t get away

lure buttom hole fish

This lure is a super creative accessory for the groom that loves to fish or perhaps a nod to the fact there will be two less fish in the sea

fish sea

Exotic elements

From orchids to lilies and peacock feathers to succulents, there are so many ways to add color and charisma to your beach wedding day.

If you’re ready to start planning your own Florida beach wedding or vow renewal, give us a call at Suncoast Weddings, we’re always ready to make the magic happen.


10 ways to help your guests relax at your Florida beach wedding

1. A wedding rehearsal

If you have a large wedding party and especially if some of your group aren’t familiar with the traditional order of the processional, a fun, light-hearted (but ultimately informative) rehearsal one or two days before the ceremony will help relieve stress on the big day.

2. Keep cool

It can get warm in the sunshine state so planning ahead with fans or bottles of water for each guest during the wedding can help guests stay hydrated and cool.

custom water

3. Have an ‘unplugged’ ceremony

Trusting your professional photographer takes the pressure off family and friends. Taking this one step further, an ‘unplugged’ ceremony invites guests to leave their phones and cameras so that they can be fully present and enjoy every moment with the happy couple.

beach wedding photography tips

4. Pick a seat, not a side

pick a seat chalkboard

Traditionally, families and friends of the couple sit on opposite sides of the aisle. A beach wedding is the perfect opportunity to let people mingle, bringing a modern and stress-free twist to the seating plan. For something totally different, banish traditional rows of seats and choose one of our spiral seating plans.

turquoise spiral

5. Sandy Toes!

Enough said! Nobody can be stressed when they’re barefoot. Sandy toes rule on the beach.

6. Bring the fun

In place of confetti (which damages the beach), think out of the box when celebrating the “I Do’s”. Beach balls are great fun for everyone and they make fantastic photo portraits.

beach balls

7. Make the fun

photo booth1

Selfie stations and props are the perfect excuses to not just smile for the camera, but to genuinely laugh! Oversize sunglasses, hats, masks – let your imagination run wild, let the good times roll and end up with some crazy keepsakes to remember the fun.

selfie station

8. Hire a professional

A day-of coordinator will help smooth any bumps in the road as your wedding takes place. They have the experience to remain calm, the local connections to formulate a ‘Plan B’ and your guests will know that everything is in hand and they don’t need to worry or step out of their comfort zone.

wedding day emergency kit

9. Choose a fun soundtrack

To get your guests’ toes tapping and get the children rocking, choose some upbeat songs which everyone will recognize. A little dancing goes a long way to having a memorable and fun day.

10. Have fun yourselves!

Everyone else is here to celebrate your special day. When your family and friends see you having a great time, they will, too! Don’t sweat the small stuff and make sure everyone understands how much better the day is with their company. Love, laughter and Happily Ever After!

love laughter1


If you’re ready to start planning your own Florida beach wedding or vow renewal, give us a call at Suncoast Weddings, we’re always ready to make the magic happen.


10 Ways to bring Bohemian Flair to your Florida Wedding

Boho style has never been more popular and it’s easy to see how a bohemian theme fits well with a wedding ceremony in the great outdoors. For those who love nature and want a free-spirited day, we have some ideas on channeling boho-chic for the modern day bride

Flower Crowns

From intricate to simple, these stylish accessories can transform a wedding day outfit from formal to whimsical and can pair with your color scheme or contrast.


For a bold and colorful look, fresh flowers like roses look romantic and dramatic.

Baby’s Breath Accents

Dreamy and ethereal, baby’s breath (or Gypsophila) brings billowing clouds of tiny blossoms to the aisle or your bouquet.

Dream Catchers

Favors for your guests, table markers, or incorporated into the decor, dream catchers are a symbolic and decorative element on such an important day.


She wore flowers in her hair …

Flowers can be worn as accessories to reinforce the natural beauty of the beach setting. Quirky and individual, it’s a great look to play around with.

A twist on the theme is wearing starfish in your hair, perfect for the beach!

Say Yes to a Boho Dress!

We’ve seen beautiful boho-inspired dresses on our Suncoast Weddings brides! Especially in the summer when the temperatures are soaring, non-traditional wedding gowns look great on the beach and pair well with sandy toes.

Barefoot Sandals and Foot Jewelry

Stylish and fashionable, sandy toes can be dressed to impress! Many of the styles feature pearls which fit in perfectly for a beach bride.

Bridal Headpieces and Headbands

If there is one day in your life to feel like a princess, this is it! Headpieces and headbands glitter and dance in the Florida sun, making great bridal portraits.

A Naked Cake

Simple, elegant, and fuss-free!

Add Asymmetrical Florals to your Arch

Chic styling brings florals, and boho chic styling mixes up the traditional arch styles and throws away the rulebook. Think colorful, think asymmetry, think laid-back, and natural. Cascading vines, draped chiffon, an aisle of lanterns, the only limit is your imagination.

Be unique!

You’ve seen hundreds (or thousands) of Pins on Pinterest, pictures in magazines, albums of friends, they were all great. Now think about what you haven’t seen, but want on your big day. Break the rules, be unique, plan a day that will make you and your guests joyful. When you aren’t afraid to let your personality shine, everyone will have a great time.


If you’re ready to walk down a sandy aisle as a boho bride, we’re here to start planning! Call us at Suncoast Weddings to get started. 727-443-0039

Florida beach weddings in shades of pink

Florida destination wedding packages are available for vow renewals, elopements, and weddings on the west coast of Florida in the Clearwater, St Pete Beach, Treasure Island area. Here, we look at some of our favorite images in shades of pink – from a subtle blush chiffon to hot pink pomanders. We’re ready to start planning if you’re ready to say “I Do”